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Member's Forum The Diesel Page Member community forum. General discussion forum for topics not necessarily focused on diesels.

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Old 09-23-2017, 08:54 AM
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Missy Good Wench ( Moderator)
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Location: Newberg Oregon
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Got wee car back all spiffy "sort of"

The day before we took it in to get the paw prints off the head liner it was raining cats and dogs here, and we had not used the wipers since purchasing the car in June.

After we got home I turn off the key and the wipers are still running

Fiddle around and get them OFF, or so I thought.

A while later I come out and the wipers are doing their thing

Go get the key and fool with the wipers more.

Turn the key on, run the wipers and then shut them off, then turn off key... All is well.

What a cluster.

The next day we take the rig in to get it detailed and told the service writer about the wipers ????????????????????//

He exclaims...."That car is possessed"


We get a 2016 Smart as a loaner to drive for a day or so, and the 16 and 17 are pretty much the same (new design)

I finally get to fool with another car the same as ours and see wassssup with the issues.

Cold start, the rig has a nasty buzz from the exhaust that did not seem right, the 16 does it too... Seems that they were not real worried about the air injection pump noise filter, so they don't have one..

Noise stops in about 30 seconds after start .... NORMAL FUNCTION

Many times the 1-2 shift under hard throttle is punctuated by a POP out the air intake which is behind the driver on the quarter panel.

The 16 does it too

I scoped it out and discovered that it's likely a compressor stall just as the throttle is lifted under hard acceleration. NORMAL FUNCTION

The goofy cluster with the wipers is the same on the 16

You need to turn off the wipers before shutting the key off to prevent them from running later on

Stupid design, but NORMAL FUNCTION

Fuel economy is all over the map.

Tank full, drive to a destination and get 47 mpg

Tank full, drive to same destination, same route and same traffic load a day or so later, get 23 mpg

Weather changes make huge difference.

One day was 65 F and cloudy and the other was 95 F and dry

Engine is very sensitive to outside temp/humidity.

Check the 16 and it seemed to be doing about the same mpg on a one day 60 mile test.

Other than the stuff that actually failed, the issues are just goofy little anomalies that are peculiar to the new design Smart.

It was a real plus to finally get to drive a different one and do some good O'L butt dyno testing

This answered a lot of questions for sure.

When we were in the Merc shop the Warranty Liaison manager to Mercedes just happened to be there and they got him involved with the fact that the car had had several issues and that we were less than pleased with things.

The word is that the case will be reviewed by the folks at the factory and a decision will be made as to what can be done to keep us happy.

The sales dept and finance folks at the dealer, including the manager offered a new car, buttttttttttttttttttttttttt, they offered one with less equipment, no extended warranty (ours as 7/75) and they wanted a big chunk of $$$$ TO DO IT.

Nooooooooooooooo, I don't think so.

The unit has had issues that are not any doing of mine and they want to poke me for more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

We shall see what the folks at Merc say and go from there.

If they want to keep me happy it's gonna take a little bit of RUBBING THE CATS FUR THE RIGHT WAY.

Don't really want another car, as this one is a known quantity, and a new one could end up being a rewind.

Maybe I can get them to swap in a set of leather seats and the optional tachometer (bolt on item)

Will be interesting to see what unfolds for sure.

So they car is spiffy again and running fine (For now)

Will keep ya in the loop.
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Old 09-23-2017, 10:41 AM
rapidoxidationman rapidoxidationman is offline
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Location: Teton Valley, Idaho
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Just for kicks, it might be worth learning what Oregon has for Lemon Laws. That knowledge could come in handy and work to your advantage if Mercedes Corporate comes back with a solution that you aren't comfy with.
'85 Mercedes Benz 300D, for when I want to be stately.
'05 Mercedes E320 CDI, for when I want to be even statelier.
'05 Chevy K2500 ext cab long box DMax: Everything my '03 was and so much more!

There's no point being a pessimist - it wouldn't work anyway.
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Old 09-23-2017, 12:56 PM
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cowboywildbill cowboywildbill is offline
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Location: USA
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Get rid of Hitlers Revenge and buy a CHEBBY or GMC ! LOL
What do you call two smart cars in a garage ? Wait for it !

"A pair of motorized roller skates. "He He"
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Old 09-23-2017, 04:15 PM
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Enemy of the State
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I'm interested in seeing what they will do. Owning a 27 year old Merc (and a 60 year old Merc project) brings me in contact with a lot of owners of newer German steel. The consensus seems to be that Mercedes Customer Service (and the hardware) ain't what it used to be... But, then, we're mostly a bunch of dinosaurs longing for the good old days before the earth cooled.
"Need" - Wanting to get someone else's money.
"Greed" (formerly meant what "need" means today) - wanting to keep your own.
"Compassion" - a politician's willingness to arrange the transfer.
-Joseph Sobran

Current oil burners: MB 350SDL, Kubota 7510
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Old 09-23-2017, 07:40 PM
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cowboywildbill cowboywildbill is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: USA
Posts: 1,147

I used to work on some of the older mercs in the 60's & 70's on the side for friends.
They were built like tanks sturdy parts & bullet proof engines.
But now, the V6 and V8 engines are still solid and last, but when you get to the hardware that's bolted on them it ain't so good.
We have had BMW and Merc's. In my opinion the Beamers are better and most parts are less expensive for them. But they all have problems
We had a 2008 AMG
The Mercedes Dealer's acted like no one knows anything about their cars but them and no one can fix their cars but them.
They rip you off for maintenance and even the wiper blades are about $150 just for the stupid pair and $100 for the labor. $250 to have your wiper blades replaced "Really ?????
The Dealer told me that it took an hour and special proprietary tools to change the wiper blades and that only a Merc tech could do it. They had to be adjusted and aligned and the tension set. What a load of crap
WOW ! I found the blades for $70 at cost and changed them both in about 3 minutes with no tools. Go figure ! And even $70 is way too much for a pair of wiper blades. Don't ever buy an AMG. LOL
They are all about taking as much of your money as they can.
I figured AMG was the abbreviation for "ALL MONEY GONE"
But they did have Ice Cream and donuts and all kind of little snacks while you wait for your car to be fixed.
I just think their cars are over priced and over engineered and not reliable anymore. And their service stinks.
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Old Yesterday, 06:58 AM
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Missy Good Wench ( Moderator)
Join Date: Apr 2001
Location: Newberg Oregon
Posts: 9,283


I agree 100%

I asked about front brake pads on the 2013 and the cost was off in the ozones.

So out came the jack and off came the wheels.

Hmmmmm... looked like simple brake pads to me.

Off to Auto Zone and buy a top grade set for a few bucks and about 10 minutes a side to swap the pads and zoooooooop all done.

The 2013 (early style Smart) was little more than a GO KART with a roof.

That car came with a service package that included oil/filter and labor.

I made the mistake of having the shop stuff in an air filter while they had it in.

GAWD oh mighty $80 for the tiny filter that looks like it belongs on my chain saw

Still arguing with Benz about the AC on the 17

Works sweet going down the boulevard above 30 mph, but will barely produce cool air in stop and go traffic on a HOT day.

They tell me that is perfectly normal BULL SNORT...


After digging some it seems like the AC is controlled through the computer, and the pump is kept off in low gear when accelerating to make it easier on the engine.

So in HOT stop and go traffic you SWEAT.

WTF were they thinking ???

The excuse is that the AC is varied by throttle position, economy settings and other HOCUS POKUS ???????

I have tried using the SPORT MODE and it seems to make it better ?????

Maybe wishful thinking ???
(1) 95 Suburban 2500 4x4
(1) 2017 Smart fortwo
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