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6.5L Turbo Diesel 1992-00 6.5TD - Discussion forum for the 6.5L engine.

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Old 08-17-2009, 05:46 PM
jerry598 jerry598 is offline
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Default Tool for coolant drain plugs

My engine's out of the truck and I'm surprised that the threaded coolant drain plug requires some odd tool to remove it. The plug looks like it should be removed with a square 3/8" socket wrench, but my 3/8" is too big and my 1/4" is too small.

Does anybody know what tool will fit these plugs?

What I really want to do is remove the same size threaded plugs in the rear of the block in search of that spring-loaded oil cooler bypass valve. Just want to make sure that valve is functional before reassembling the engine and I figure its hidden behind one of those threaded plugs that match the coolant drain plugs.

The oil filter bypass valve was easy to check. With the filter adapter removed from the block it was easily accessible.
Black 95 6.5 K3500, 929 block, 140k miles, IP replaced at 104K miles, rebuilt the engine at 124K miles, 6 L&S Full-torque inserts in the outer main crank bolt holes, Clearwater heads (cringe), Fluidamper, new injectors, rebuilt NV4500,3" downpipe, 4" exhaust, no cat, dual Tstat upgrade, 9 blade fan, 180 degree fan clutch, Heath diesel supplied upgraded water pump (not an HO pump) with restricted orifice, Heath turbomaster, PMD behind front bumper, OPS relay mod, also a chip upgrade from Heath (great performance boost, especially on startup).
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Old 08-18-2009, 09:40 AM
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john8662 john8662 is offline
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The valve you're referring to should have been removed during hot-tank and vatting.

The valve will be underneath a cup plug in the oil filter boss. The plug in question will be a 7/8" Diameter plug with a .060" hole drilled into it. Underneath that plug lies the oil cooler bypass valve.

No threaded plugs to remove to see that guy. Removing the plug mentioned above requires a threaded fitting on a slide hammer to remove. Yes, a pain...

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