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6.5L Turbo Diesel 1992-00 6.5TD - Discussion forum for the 6.5L engine.

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Old 03-14-2004, 05:42 PM
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6.2/6.5 Main Cap Stud Girdle Kit
By Rick Pruit & TDP Staff

Product Review: Some 6.2/6.5 engine blocks have developed cracks that originate from the outer main bearing bolt holes. The Stud Girdle Kit from Diesel Services Group was designed to help solve this problem. By joining the center three main-webs together, dynamic forces are better contained and the studs eliminate the spreading force put on the block while torquing the main cap fasteners.
Old 03-15-2004, 03:14 AM
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This is nice. In the Buick racing world many people have used block girdles with great success. It's allowed people to push the stock block WAY past the design expectations. There are people pushing their stock blocks close to where my stage motor is running.

The Buick design is different in that all caps are tied together and also into the oil pan mating surface.

I assume to install this 6.5L version you need to pull the motor? Guess it would be a pipedream to be able to install it from under the truck.

Old 03-15-2004, 09:39 AM
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I just got my girdle in the mail on Fri.If you can get your pan off you'll be able to install it. Lots of room on my truck,K3500 old style body.
Old 03-15-2004, 11:55 AM
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Originally posted by Yukon 6.2:
I just got my girdle in the mail on Fri.If you can get your pan off you'll be able to install it. Lots of room on my truck,K3500 old style body.
I can barely get to my oil filter so I don't hold much hope for being able to get the pan off. I just want to know why I keep buying vehicles that are such a PITA to work on....
Old 03-15-2004, 03:51 PM
Craig M
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Yukon 6.2

Please inform us all how long it takes you to install the girdles, and who from and how much the kit cost.
Old 03-15-2004, 09:44 PM
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I got them from Diesel Service Group, They are a Dieselpage advertiser.They have a discount for members.
Looking at the kit i would say that it would take about an hour longer than takeing the pan off and reinstalling it. Right now my engin consists of a block,crank,7 pistons+rods.If i had known i would be in this deep i would of pulled the motor. Long story [img]smile.gif[/img]
I would change the rear seal while you had the pan off.
If you have room to get the pan off easy,istall should be a snap
Old 03-16-2004, 05:39 PM
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I think the main improvement is the ARP studs for the caps, there worth the money. The ARP greese is critical to getting the torque correct.
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Old 03-19-2004, 12:25 PM
Craig M
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My engine is currently sitting in the garage hanging from a chain fall. Access to the oil pan in unblocked by any suspension members. Engine has been sitting for a few years, no mileage on it. Was not planning on replacing the seal but could if necessary.
Old 03-19-2004, 05:25 PM
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Does anyone else have any concerns about this thing? Looking at the pictures, is appears to be entirely powder coated. I would think the last thing you want is a powder coated piece of steel as a main cap washer. There's a reason ARP uses hardened washers. Its so they don't compress under load. The same can't be said for powder coated steel! I would never use anything that soft in a critically torqued assembly. Plus if the girdle is strong enough to keep the block from cracking, could it also maybe tweak the main cap alignment? So maybe one should align bore the block after fitting the girdle? Finally, is it wise to use two types of fasteners - with different expansion rates, clamping loads, etc. - in one main cap? Just my two cents...
Bobbie Martin
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Old 03-19-2004, 09:15 PM
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Good comments, Bobbie. Many aftermarket devices employ faddish finishing techniques to generate sales. Here, how much rust will there be in the oil pan area?! Probably good idea get rid coating beneath fastenings.
And then, does it work, does create other/more problems than solves?
I'm tempted to try 'em ; i'd like to ask Dr Lee and others their opinions....
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