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04-25-2004, 17:34
My last oil change at the local Cenex store, I was going to use Delvac One, ($20 a gallon) I said go ahead. they told me Cenex has a synthetic blend that a lot of the local F##D guys are using and they like it ($9 a gallon) well I thought if the other guys that I know like it I'll try it. Well,, I checked the oil after 500 miles and it looked very clean,I didn't care for that as I didn't think it was cleaning as it should. I was using Delvac dino and it seemed to do a better job of cleaning. after 1000 miles it did get a little dirty. Also it seems that the oil pressure takes 3 to 4 seconds to come up I never noticed that with the Delvac. When they changed the oil they used a Fleetguard filter, the numbers matched what I found here. Has anyone had this with a synthetic blend? or maybe the Fleetguard? I wish now that I had used the Delvac One and probably will from now on. Mostly because it can get very cold here. In the summer the Delvac dino worked fine.

More Power
04-26-2004, 10:10
I haven't heard about Cenex brand synthetic, but in general, synthetic oil will help the piston rings produce a better seal. This shows up as cleaner oil (less soot accumulation) and lower oil consumption.

As long as the oil you're using has the correct API certification (CG-4, CH-4 or CI-4) and viscosity, you should be OK.