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07-15-2002, 20:29
What kind of additives do you guys run? It strikes me that especially when it's cold, an aditive would be a good idea. I see Rotella has one. Also what's your take on injector cleaning? Is an additive good enough, or is it worth it to pay a place to run their special cleaners through the intake?


07-15-2002, 21:02
AFP ~ You wouldn't be the one and same that hung out on Shooters? ~ odoh

07-15-2002, 21:43

I thought I recognized your handle and was going to ask you the same about 24Hour Campfire. Yes I was on Shooters from it's start until the mass migration to 24 Hour Campfire. I have a love/hate relationship with these Internet forums. I have learned a lot, and been able to share a lot of what I've learned, but I am losing patience with the way threads often seem to go.

People post things that they would never say in person. Invariably, there will be a debate going on anthing, be it CRF vs pushfeed, the adequacy of 270 for elk, or K&N vs Amzoil. There will be good discussion until someone makes a sarcastic comment or attempts to counter someone's point using ridicule. It goes downhill from there, especially if someone (often me) objects to the ridicule and sarcasm. They continue to ridicule, and include how "thin skinned" or defensive these folks (me) are. What is really amazing to me is how few people see the ridicule or emotional reasoning. Maybe they see it but just think it is a valid way to "win" an argument. What a waste. My solution to all that is to drastically reduce my posts and just "lurk," as well as staying out of a psot when it goes bad. We'll see if that works.


07-15-2002, 22:09
Yeah ~ hear ya. Found a lot of other forums less volatile. I can't help but wonder if some of that stuff we had to put up with was coming out of a bottle. I've been hanging here for awhile. Most of my disposable coin goes for/into the truck now. Learned an awful lot from these folks. I take it you're still in, and in TX? The base closure (SM-ALC) got me and I took an early. Crossed into computers and looks like its taken a dip at the moment.

I'm surprised not much input to your question re additives. I see it as a touchy issue at the moment what w/them being discouraged by the manufacture (GM) and recent fuel system issues that can be terribly expensive it they revoke warranty coverage because of additive use. I have a half gallon of cetane booster (forget the name from walmart) that I'm afraid to use. One can do a search and find a lot of traffic on additives here.

Anyway good to cross trails ~ bet you're glad to be away from PACAF area for awhile.

******BTW, re your sig, could you elaborate on the wheelwell protector? Rears? ~ odoh

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07-16-2002, 04:20

I asked the same question about the Rotella additive last week. Got chirping crickets. I even posted the URL of the website that had the breakdown of the contents for the techy types to look at. Still no answer. I bought a case of the stuff from Sam's Club since any of the other additives are almost impossible to find here.

07-16-2002, 10:10
Gentlemen, I'm not a techy when it comes to diesel engines, but I have done some homework. In previous posts, the most preferred additives were either Stanadyne or fppf. I run stanadyne and agree it is not easily available. But, if you do not mind purchasing items over the internet, you can buy the stanadyne additive and the racor fuel filter from Diesel Injection Service. You can find them at http://www.dieselpage.com/main.shtml .

Hope this helps.


07-16-2002, 10:33
I have used up a case of Rotella DFA, some in my old "93 and some in the new truck. I have not been able to see a benefit in using it. Maybe test under controlled circumstances would show a difference, but my results are unconclusive.

07-16-2002, 12:46
I bought a case of FPPF Total Power from www.kennedydiesel.com a few months ago. GOOD product. It will last me a while. 12 bottles, each bottle lasting 250 gallons. ( I run a bottle per ~175 gallons though). Boosts cetane, has a lubricity additive, prevents bacteria growth, injector cleaner, and lowers CFPP among others I cant remember.

IIRC, it ran me about $120ish. So, for $10 a bottle, I treat 175 gallons of fuel, or $2 per tank.

07-16-2002, 14:31
i use rotella dfa evrey tank since i got 1000 miles. have had no problems.

07-16-2002, 14:40
Regarding additives,

I've been using Redline Racing 85+ diesel fuel additive which includes a cetane booster. I like it.

Slighly off topic — I noticed a couple of weeks ago when I was traveling in Ennis TX that they had fuel stations that carried "Premium Diesel". Does this diesel have a higher cetane rating?

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07-16-2002, 16:48
I think premium means what you pay for it! LOL

07-16-2002, 16:49
I've used the stanadyne additive since day one (currently at 20k miles). I have logged every tank since new. I cannot see a mileage difference when I use or do not use the additive.

I also started using it in my small diesel garden tractor. What I did notice was my garden tractor does not belch black smoke nearly as much when under a heavy load, maybe as much as 70% less smoke. The additive has definetly cleaned the injectors. So my point of view...if you use it from the beginning, the injectors should stay clean indefinetly!

My $.02 worth.


Robert J Spence
07-16-2002, 18:44
What about good old MMO? ( Marvel mystery oil )
Does anyone use this?

07-16-2002, 19:36

The "whhel well protectors" are part of my preferred system for keeping the bed of my truck from getting torn up. I've been the plastic bedliner route, and am not excited about tsanding my bed for the spray-in type. I use a heavy bed mat, a plastic tailgate protector, a rubber tailgate protector fastened to the front of the bed, and the wheel well protectors. The are just rubber covers that fit over the wheel wells in the bed. I got mine from JC Whitney. They didn't have any for an 02. The ones I bought were for a C/K truck and work just fine.


07-16-2002, 19:47
Hey MaxRock:

I too have purchased a case of Stanadyne and a pair of fuel filters (along with some other things)from Diesel Inj. Serv. in Lubbock...lucky for me, I have relatives there, and visit fairly often, so I'll stock up whenever I'm there. It's a top-notch operation, and they are very good to do business with; I highly recommend them.

Glad to hear that someone else runs the Stanadyne; I use it every other tank, and no problems to date...I feel confident that it will stay that way!

Tim B
07-16-2002, 21:46
Reno DMAX - Premium diesel appears to be a 'good thing'. Take a look at the following thread for a good explanation.


I run Texaco premium diesel all the time. The only thing I can tell for sure is that it seems to have more 'pop'.

Tim B.

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07-16-2002, 21:52
I run the best fuel that I can find (kinda like eating Wheaties for breakfast) and add my little FPPF Total Power/8Plus cocktail to every tankful.

I also use this in my garden JD 455 garden tractor.

Our Hi-po turbo diesels have power to spare, but back when I was towing with my 84 6.2 NA, I could really tell the difference! Some fuel smoked and had no power, some had no smoke/no power, and the best had good smoke, lotsa rattle, and good power. This was generally the stuff from Amoco...

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07-16-2002, 22:04
AFP ~ Thanks for the clarification, Guess I was thinking out of the box (pun).

Understand re sprayin prep. Like circumcision, I couldn't bear to watch what they needed to do to my baby. ~ odoh