View Full Version : peanut oil

11-25-2007, 16:23
So, I have about a gallon of fresh clean peanut oil that is left over from frying my turkey. Would it hurt anything to dump it into my fuel tank?

11-25-2007, 16:48
no, It should actually help lubricate the pump as the ulsd is not that good at that.

11-28-2007, 19:56
How cold does it get at night?
Be careful. If it gets cold, the oil may get thick and restrict flow through your filter where you may have to change the filter to get the truck to run right. There is LOTS of talk about needing to get the water out of the oil. You can check it by getting a pan hot on the stove and putting a spoon full of oil in the pan and see if it pops or bubbles.

I'm running Canola and Peanut oil straight in a heated tank and only run it when fuel temp is at 125F or hotter. I run my oil through a Centrifuge at 190F to get the water out then run it through a 1 micron filter to make sure I don't have anything in the oil that will mess up the injectors or pump. Did just great this morning and was able to switch over to oil after 9 miles when the outside temp was 19F.

Good luck.