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More Power
01-16-2008, 15:58
ULSD Winterization Guidelines (http://response.dieselforum.org/c.asp?5bCeL7ruiofE6rpAdBkwMw8ID9SFEYxLX7UHOyd75eqw )

01-25-2008, 19:34
Last week as I headed south on 72 from Baudete MN the temp was -29F.I had both covers on and proper fuel conditioner (I thought?) in blended fuel.The pump said the fuel would cloud at -30F so I thought we might see problems.And about 60 miles later we did.I live in Minnesota and worked as crane operator/oiler and big rig driver so I'm able to deal with it.But it seems the bio blend changes the game when it comes to fuel conditioners.Plus the ASTM D637 test for cold filter plugging uses a 45 micron filter for the bench mark.The NAPA filters I buy I'm told are 2 micron for the Duramax.How do we figure this out with so many variables?.

01-26-2008, 07:01
Winterization? I don't think you can even buy #1 in Georgia.

Me Worry? Never. Just put on a sweater and go...