View Full Version : Kodiak Edge Juice woes

05-01-2008, 17:12
I was on this forum for many years and got a lot out of this group when I had my 1995 Chevy Sub 6.5. Made lots of changes per the Diesel Page advice and put over 170k before upgrading to the Kodiak with Monroe conversion.
I love the new machine and just finished the stereo and video in it.
My big bummer is that I went with the Edge Juice with the A2 and the ECU just wont allow the Edge to do its job. It runs fine, but the A2 shows all zeros and I have no programing abilities. It does throw on the check engine light though.
I called Edge and they said that it's a 50/50 deal that it might work with the Kodiak since its different from the regular DMax found in the regular trucks.
Any ideas? Love to keep the A2 because of its display etc, and didn't want to go with any flash programming either.
Comments appreciated. Andy

Also its a 2006 K4500 LLY

More Power
05-04-2008, 19:16
I guess there's not a lot of 4500/5500 owners out there who are experimenting with power upgrade options.....

My only experience with a C4500 was a couple of years ago. The owner used a Predator programmer to add power. He didn't have a problem. It worked as advertised.

I do know that there are quite a few ECM programming differences between the factory pickup and medium-duty programs. For example, with the mediums, you can select different differential gear ratios using a Tech II scan tool. Can't do that with a pickup ECM.