View Full Version : Fuel Prices II "the diesel energy standard" and "dollar standard"

05-15-2008, 22:41
Yep fuel prices are hurting everyone everywhere. Its driving inflation for goods faster than most anything else will. Its killing me that proponent groups against biofuels are pointing to the recent significant increase in food costs (actual price and speed of increase) to crops being diverted from food stocks and an increase in more biofuel development would make it too expensive to eat. But to me MOST all the recent increases in food prices on the shelf are really adjustments to fuel (energy) inflation ie shipping costs and operating expenses of diesel fuel trucks and tractors etc. I mean come on with the farming subsidies not to grow some things for cash crops is still pretty big right? But to be fair yes I expect biofuel would increase value of crop and thus shift prices up some but not at the rate this sudden increase in energy has done! I think anything we do to diversify energy sources would be a good thing!

In a recent thread it was mentioned that the US economy (mortgage credit crisis) and value of the dollar is also to blame.

I wonder how the dollar standard for crude really affects energy cost? Would a world wide value standard for crude oil make more sense? Kinda loosely replace the old gold standard to a crude standard. Although this might give OPEC unprecedented power it also might even the playing field and make inflation a more world wide issue and average out things. The world is becoming flatter and flatter with more and more world based industry economies but labor and taxes (combined govt taxes and environmental care) are so uneven and an extra trade deficit for the West that it is actually catch 22'ing the crude oil prices.