View Full Version : Need to Realign Rear Axle on Topkick C7500

11-02-2012, 16:44
I need to realign the rear axle on my 2005 GMC (http://about<b></b>:blank#) Topkick (http://about<b></b>:blank#) C7500 (http://about<b></b>:blank#). I can not find the procedure in any of my manuals or on Mitchell to do so. My rear alignment is 3/8" out. Does anyone have experience doing it? If I cut my U bolts loose and replace them can I adjust it and compensate for the 3/8" difference?

11-02-2012, 21:34
Just a thought, is it possible that the lagging side has a partially sheared alignment pin? That is the pin that is on the center of the top leaf that the third member is set over and the secured with the U bolts. The pin actually goes through the complete spring stack. The only other possibilities would be a badly worn front spring curl bushing or worse case a bent frame. Just thoughts.