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11-25-2013, 12:10
Chevy Cruze
GM Re-enters the Light-Duty Diesel Market (http://www.thedieselpage.com/article/cruze.htm)

Why now? We here at The Diesel Page have pushed GM to include a line of light-duty diesels for more than a decade. In 2001, GM, Ford and Dodge all had working designs in the pipeline for a fuel efficient common-rail diesel intended for the light-duty market. One by one, all of these light-duty diesels fell by the wayside. So why, after a dozen years of ignoring the clamor, is GM finally offering the Cruze diesel? Go here to learn more about the new Chevy Cruze.

11-25-2013, 13:04
I'm optimistic. I better be, I ordered one. Should be here in 3-4 weeks.

More Power
11-25-2013, 13:13
I think you're right to be optimistic.

Light-duty automotive clean diesel is the way to the future here in North America if the EPA CAFE mandates remain as they are now. Be sure to let us know about your experience. Jim

12-14-2013, 11:43
I have 600 miles so for on my 2014 Cruze 2.0 and I am very satisfied so far. The power and handling have really amazed me. I am pleasantly surprised that my MPG has been 51 so far.

12-14-2013, 16:43
Thanks for the report, GL. Yesterday was the "first" delivery day for ours, but it appears the weather slowed it a bit. Looking at Monday-Wednesday, now.

I'm still optimistic. Several test drives were impressive. The more I read and study on it, the more I like it. It appears most of the "complaints" are a lack of a manual transmission option, and the usual stuff from the Prius crowd.

12-15-2013, 12:55
After driving mine, I really like the 6 speed auto. You can shift it manually if wanted. You will be really amazed by how smooth and positive it shifts.

12-20-2013, 10:03
Christmas came early for Teresa. Picked it up Tuesday night (12-17).


12-21-2013, 15:02
Had mine since late September. Just under 4,000 miles now.

Love it!...a lot more than my previous '09 common rail Jetta.

I like the Cruze engine layout and packaging much better than the VW.

12-21-2013, 15:39
Nice looking car, DieselEnvy. I liked the black, but wife wanted (insisted on) the fancy-schmancy red. So be it (or we wouldn't have had to order it). The car was delivered without the ordered fog lamps (out of stock, dealer installed), so she's there today having them installed. The alternative was to wait on delivery until the parts arrived (yesterday), but she'd have NO part of that!

No complaints so far. I, too, like the powertrain layout. Very neat, with nothing too inaccessible, and like you said, better than the VW's I looked at. We'll see. It'll be at least a couple years before I have to lay a tool on it. Wife loves it, and when she's happy, I'm happy.

12-22-2013, 17:15
Thanks DmaxMaverick,

"I liked the black..."

Actually, mine is the Rainforest Green. I wanted the fancy-schmancy red too, but when I tried to order the car back in July~August, they weren't producing any of the diesels at the time. So, I finally gave up, took my deposit back, and searched over a wider area for one that was optioned close to what I wanted. I found one that ended up being green...and I liked it after all.

Enjoy yours...!

12-22-2013, 17:27
Forrest green was #2 for her, and they had one. It didn't have the moon roof, so no good. She hasn't had a new car in a while, so "settling" was not an option. It was worth the wait.

08-16-2015, 12:32
We bought ours on 26 of June.
Was fortunate that Chev had a
20% off suggested MFSLP.
Final total cost was $21408.70
At the exchange rate on day of
purchase put the price at about
$17800.00 US.

Champagne with Black interior.
It came with a full tank and I
filled it for the first time yesterday.
Made fast trip to Calgary Airport on
Friday.Average was 3.9 ltrs/100kilos
and 4.1/100 best.
This worked out to 68.9 and 72.4 mpg
Canadian. This was with Cruise set at
105 kph(64 mph).Metric stinks
A very satisfactory result.
My only complaint is the DIC.
At 84 yrs old, where can I find a Collage
or University that has a BA with a Major
in understanding how to use the darn thing?
Over all a well built product,GM did
themselves proud.

01-21-2016, 19:45
The 2016 Cruze pretty sex, just hope they would also offer a diesel engine for it.

01-21-2016, 21:43
The 2016 Cruze pretty sex, just hope they would also offer a diesel engine for it.

Sexy, yes. No Diesel? First I heard of that. We have a date in a couple weeks to order a 2016 Diesel. Gonna trade up before we use all the warranty. Diesel was on the order sheet as of a couple weeks ago.

01-25-2016, 19:41
That is why I wish they would install a diesel version of it like with the Focus. But what really I admire with the new Cruze design is the sexy looks and the flush exhaust (http://4wheelonline.com/Exhaust_Kits.17) tip, it really looked very clean.

02-21-2016, 11:51
Am I reading this right? GM dropping the Cruze diesel? What's the latest news on this? I've been more than half-way thinking about trading our Malibu, back home in Vt. and it would be for a Cruze diesel, if I had my way.

02-21-2016, 12:19
No, not really. They aren't talking much about it, but the Diesel option is only, supposedly, temporarily unavailable. The reason given is, the 2016 model was re-tooled as of January 1. The only available new model now manufacturing is the "Cruze Limited", which is not available with the Diesel option. The latest word I have is, the Diesel option will be available again with the 2017 model year. Considering GM's past tooling transition model years, this isn't uncommon, or unusual. Why they do this, I dunno. It could be a powertrain certification issue, or it could be just a wild hair, somewhere. Either way, I'm OK with it, as long as they offer the option again. Teresa loves her car, and the only reason we want to trade up is to get the greater trade value with lower miles and warranty left. It doesn't really matter to me, as I don't drive it nearly as often as she does. She fills it up, and it just goes. No significant issues, to date, which is kinda boring to me (but I'm OK with a car that doesn't break). She's happy, so I'm happy.

02-21-2016, 16:03
Thanks, Maverick.
Back in 013, when we bought the used 011 Malibu, I had driven a gas Cruse, here in Texas before we flew home for Christmas, and loved it. I didn't notice that it was particularly hard to get into/ out of, but our son tried one at home and complained about that issue. Well, he talked me into buying the Malibu, because it was a flood car with less than 5000 miles on it, and we got a deal.
Now, guess which car he complains about entry/exit? :rolleyes: So, after all that being said, what's you'r feeling about that issue? Same-worse-better than a Cruse?

02-22-2016, 18:34
It's a small (compact) car, to be sure. However, entry/exit is as good as any compact to mid-size car. The seat, when lowered all the way, is very low, but not any lower than any similar size car. I'm 9" taller (less-short) than my wife, so trading drivers requires prior seat movement. No problem, it's powered. The trade-off is leg room for rear passengers, if a tall person is seated in front of them. The seats have a long adjustment travel, so long leg room can be had, front or back, but not front and back, on the same side. Shoulder and head room is very good for a small car, but if you've driven one, you'd remember if it was an issue. I've driven a 2014 and 15 Malibu, and they are larger, dimensionally. However, the Cruze actually feels as large while driving. Simply, it's bigger than it looks. When we were car shopping, the Passat was one option. The Cruze, while actually smaller, felt more roomy. Of course, this is all subjective. Don't take my (or anyone's) word for it. Go drive one. Rent one for a weekend.

02-22-2016, 19:30
Thanks. Will do that very thing one of these days.