View Full Version : And they said it couldn't be done ! New Full size tow mirrors

08-10-2019, 11:48
Here are some pics of our Colorado with new 2018 full size GM type DNR tow mirrors installed.
Towing with the strap on mirror extension's was horrible.
Better than nothing but they shook and wouldn't stay adjusted.
You could get sea sick looking in them. LOL
Well this is the answer to that problem.
What a difference in everyday driving and especially towing and it didn't affect our mpg's even at highway speeds..
Quite a bit of work but worth it.
And "NO" I don't think it looks like Dumbo the elephant. LOL
Let me know what you think.

08-12-2019, 06:17
Looks great! Proper towing mirrors are very important.


08-12-2019, 08:20
Nice job! They look like they belong there.

08-12-2019, 13:05
Thanks guy's,, I agree proper towing mirrors are a must. I think the stock mirrors made it look more like an SUV than a truck. And the stock one's were basically useless for towing.
GM should take a hint and offer these as an option with their towing package.