• 6.5L Diesel & Horton EC-450 Electric Fan-Clutch

    Member Dave Rurey sent me a few photos and a description of this adaptation of the Horton EC-450 electric fan-clutch for use on the 6.5L diesel in his motor-home. He wanted me to share with you all.

    Read more about the EC-450 by using a Google search for: Horton EC450

    and: https://www.hortonww.com/on-highway/...600-drive.html

    Here is Dave's description and photos showing the installation. Thanks Dave!

    I had to modify the thermostat housing to be able to fit more temperature sensors in the limited area. One sensor is a mechanical temperature gauge the other is to turn the fan on at 205 Deg.

    The sensor in the radiator hose is for turning the fans on for the air cond. I also had to make a new fan driveshaft to adapt it to the water pump. The Horton fan-clutch is a wonderful addition and it works great. The DB2 mechanical fuel injection pump is turned up to about 70 Ml/stroke.

    Turbocharger I'm using is the Holset HX35, set to produce 15-lbs of boost pressure. I do not have any idea what HP or torque the engine is producing.

    The motor-home weighs approximately 15000 lbs, but it will climb the 4th of July grade on I-90 in North Idaho at 55mile/hr. All I can say is it has a lot more power than the 454 gas engine that the 6.5L diesel replaced.

    I think one thing that really helps it start at any temperature is the Total Seal piston rings. Compression ratio is 19/1. We took a trip to East Coast that totaled 7100 miles round trip. Fuel economy for the entire trip calculated to 11.6 miles/gal. I realize that these engines may be old news, but if built right they do a fair job. I also had the timing gear and chain cryogenically treated, to keep it from stretching.

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