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    More Power

    Christmas Book Discount!

    December 6, 2022 - * Christmas Discount! Place an order for 3 or more books, and you'll qualify for a 10% discount on the book order (shipping not included).

    More Power 12-06-2022, 13:08 Go to last post

    Current price of fuel now?

    Knoxville 4.74 to 5.23 and I see TA must have gone to dynamic pricing. They will change price several times a day. But cash or credit is the same where

    a5150nut 12-03-2022, 18:07 Go to last post

    Current price of fuel now?

    $5.27 in Klamath Falls Oregon.

    spongebob 12-03-2022, 10:05 Go to last post

    Current price of fuel now?

    My pricing in Haines Junction is the lowest at $1.909 a liter for gas $2.309 for diesel and heating fuel with all the tax;s on it was $2.0465555 a liter

    Yukon6.2 12-03-2022, 09:38 Go to last post

    Current price of fuel now?

    Wow! Best price around here is about $5.65. Range oil is about $8.00 with a 60 gallon limit, and it's getting cold at night...

    JohnC 12-02-2022, 19:25 Go to last post