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Usha 12-13-2018 02:30 AM

Duramax vs GM
Hi Guys
Thinking about buying a new GMC Denali Duramax turbo diesel maybe buying a tow behind RV in a year are so . I currently have a 2014 Denali 6.2 gas that i really like . But i don't tow with it . The 6.2 gas has 420 HP and 460 TQ and really performs great for a every day driver . I know the Duramax will out tow the gas 6.2 but for a every day driver will i notice much difference in the Duramax at 397 HP and 765 TQ in acceleration or will i have to push it a little harder . Will i even notice 23 HP less
Thanks Guys

DmaxMaverick 12-13-2018 05:44 AM

Welcome aboard!

Their drivability behavior isn't "one is better than the other" thing. They are different. HP and torque numbers are a bit misleading, in most cases. How do you drive, daily? The 6.2 has (published) 23 more HP, but you have to wind it to 5600 RPM to get it. What you may find is, normal driving is typically using about half those turns, if that. I don't know what is the 6.2 HP at sub-3000 RPM's (likely a LOT less than a 23 HP difference, in the other direction), but that's where you get all the Duramax HP. At a more civil RPM of sub-2000, you get 345 additional Duramax ft/lb torque at 1600 RPM's, than the 6.2 does at 4000 RPM's (that's a huge difference, BTW). Drive both, back to back, and see for yourself. Unless you drive with a 2-position throttle (on/off), you may not want to get back into your current rig afterward. If you tow heavy with both, well....

convert2diesel 12-13-2018 08:41 AM

It all depends on what you want to tow. I have the 6.2s older brother (iron block 6.0, 345hp and 380ft/lb) and tow a 6,000 lb travel trailer with no issues at all. Yes it wants to wind up on the steep grades but over all a good towing combination. The nice part is the torgue curve, it only varies 80 lbs from 1,500 to 5,000 rpms so the low speed torgue (300 ft/lbs) is very acceptable.

While the truck is rated at 10,500 lbs tow rating, if I was to go up beyond about 8,000 lbs. I would definitely go for the diesel option. Torgue is king when pulling.


More Power 12-13-2018 10:54 AM

One way to describe it...

Lookout pass on I-90 is near here. You can maintain 70-mph on the Montana side all of the way to the top. An empty stock Duramax powered truck can climb this mountain pass in OD without a downshift, and not lose any speed. A gas powered equivalent will need a downshift or two and lots more RPM (and noise) to maintain speed.

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