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DickWells 06-19-2019 05:29 PM

Just checkin things out.
Been many weeks, since my last foray into the DP. Thought I'd wake up the MD Forum, just for kicks.

Never have posted about our experiences, coming home from Texas, in March. Had to be home early, to help out with horses, snow plowing and outdoor furnace tending, while our son, Lance recuperated from a knee replacement.

Things went well, until we got into NC and went into limp, with the Seneca. Lost fuel delivery several times, re-primed the pump and got a couple-hundred miles out of it, a couple of times. Finally got more serious, and got towed into a diesel shop, where they did nothing more than change my filter. In another 250 miles, the same routine started again. This time, in northern VA, we struggled into another diesel place and, again, camped in their yard, overnight. This guy knew his stuff, and tested the vacuum in the fuel line. Waaay high! New filter was totally clogged with algae! So, a couple of new, spare, filters, algae killer and cleaner, and we were on our way, with a warning that we might get 100 miles, or less, before the chemicals would fill the first new filter. We got over 250. Ended up changing out 2 filters, between VA and VT, the next day. But, the Seneca got us home, 2 days later than planned.

I'll drop that tank and do a thorough cleaning, later on this Summer. I'll also post the VA guy's name, when I can retrieve the data. Who knows, a member might just need help, when they're in that area.

Seems that sitting all Winter in the Texas humidity, is a good way to contract an algae infestation.

So, we'll see how this post goes. An attempt, on my cell, the other night, resulted in my password and user name, not being recognized. If my membership has run out, this will serve as a good test.

JohnC 06-19-2019 06:18 PM

Glad you made it back OK... Any chance you picked up a bad load of fuel along the way? If not, maybe you need to treat the furl before you go into winter hibernation... ;)

No membership expiration on the forum... You must have gotten yourself banned! ;)

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