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DeltaWolf 10-12-2017 06:02 PM

Another Glow plug light question
OK, so I just purchased a '82 K2500 6.2L. drove it home, ALt belt broke on the way home. Changed charged batteries. then the next day I went to get a photo of the smoke that was coming out of her to see if it was white or blueish. The turck stalled out on me. I changed the aftermarket fuel pump (not the OEM style) it is mounted where it should be which is between the two fuel filters. and the truck will not start, not fuel coming out of the pump, so I have to deal with that as well.

But my concern now it that the glow plug light will not go out, tested the plug all good there, starter solenoid I can hear it click on.

So, what should I do for the light and the fuel?


fmiser 10-14-2017 10:31 PM

It's possible the '82 is different, but on the ones I have worked on the dash light is in parallel with the glow plugs. If the dash light is on then the glow plugs have power.

I think the '82 has the fender mounted relay, so it should be pretty easy to check with a test light or meter. Maybe the dash light isn't wired right and is connected to some other power...

Regarding the fuel - like any troubleshooting, "divide and conquer". If the pump runs, then see if there is fuel getting to it. Or try putting the pump input hose into a jug of fuel to see if the rest is okay. On a new-to-you engine, almost anything is suspect - clogged tank screen, plugged/crimped line, air leak in the line, plugged filter, etc.

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