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Default 6.2 Military engine

I am buying a 1986 Humvee 6.2L NA diesel engine, I have been told they built these engines stronger for the military.


#1 Are the heads are compatable with 6.5L Turbo?

#2 Can I use the mechanical pump on my 1995 6.5L turbo engine?

#3 How big can I bore out the 6.2L diesel?

#4 Can the 6.2L be turbocharged?

#5 Will the injection lines mate up to the DB4 pump if I have to use these with the 6.2L heads?

Once again a big Thank you to any who can help me with my dilemma!
1995 Chevy 2500, 6.5L Diesel mostly stock 234,000 miles. Changed the water pump to HO WP, deleted the vacuum pump and added a mechanical wastegate controller made by me with info from others on the forum.
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