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Originally Posted by gsimpson View Post
Will the injectors from the 6.2 work on the 6.5 engine?
Not likely. Too many variables. The IP, heads, injectors and lines must all be of the same series, application and generation or they won't fit.

I was told that the engine I bought was a bring back from the "surge", and that they are not in bad shape been thinking about a straight swap
This is a marketing point (hogwash) to sell surplus engines. It isn't likely they know where they came from. The military doesn't intentionally replace/remove good engines in working equipment.

but its a mechanical injector so I am guessing I would have to build a linkage and use a regular gas pedal and cable to achieve that.
Adapting a MFI injection pump to an EFI engine/chassis is a conversion. It's a lot more than just installing a throttle cable.

How would it affect the computer to do this?
The computer won't be happy. You'll have to do a complete conversion to MFI to make the electronics, instrumentation and tranny (if auto) work. A manual tranny is much more simple, but still requires the remainder of the system to be "converted".
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