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Update: Took the boat/trailer out for a test run this morning, was able to reproduce the P0087. On the bright side, the lopey idle is now gone thanks to the FPR replacement.

So, today I plumbed in a lift pump along the driver's side frame rail in the open, available space just ahead of the fuel cooler (Yes I know those are the small diameter return lines to/from the cooler, the large supply line is there, too ) and behind where the antilock brake controller lives. We'll see if it makes any difference - if it does, I'll eat a big slice of humble pie for not installing it, first.

Probably just as Kennedy first theorized - ball/seat erosion on the original sprays at 150K miles. If thats the case, and none of the three known remedies (installed in combination) fix the problem, I'll continue to push the SES reset button in the summertime, loaded, and in the hills.

Somebody is going to code around this problem eventually.

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