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So how hard is it to start when cold with 18 to 1 pistons? Are we talking 20 seconds of cranking? What glow plugs/relay parts are best to start a 18 to 1 motor? Could bad injection pump timing affect its ability to start easily (DB-2)?

Peculiar issue.... I have a '93 that was running to much boost. I believe I burned up a couple pistons. A compression test showed low numbers~150psi. The truck started great with the low compression test numbers and still ran with less power. Finally I swapped in a 18 to 1 long block, and now it cranks for 20 or 30 seconds before wanting to fire. All the components were swapped directly off the old motor onto the new motor, pump, hi pop injectors, glow stuff etc....

Anyone have any insight on why its so hard to start? Maybe I got some glow wiring screwed up?
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