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I have had a similar problem with my 01. Mine seems to be heat related in the fact that it only did it when the outside temp was over 90 deg. I got a bad load of fuel in the Jan 2010 and froze the truck. EVERY fuel line that we could see was sucked flat at that time. Summer of 2010 the low power started. At the time in the summer I too thought I had a bad load of fuel. I could change the filter and get a bit over a hundred good miles of towing out of it when the power faded away. By the third filter (each one being dumped and nothing but clean fuel being seen),I realized something else was causing the problem. I can only assume that I have a bad line somewhere that gets soft with the heat and will go flat when a bit more suction is applied. I bought one of Kennedys fuel lift pumps last fall right after my busy season was over and because of the "dreading to lower the tank" I did not install it untill last month. I have towed many trailers thruout the fall, winter and spring but with the cooler temps, I have noticed no problem. My busy season is on now and because of the need for some wider goosenecks hauled first the Chevy shortbed has not been a part of the mix yet. With the heat now it would be a good test. By end of next week it will have to be on the road with a load.

Was that a definitive answer to your problem?......No But with what I felt last summer and the research I did I think I am ready to try to tow again.

Good Luck
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