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Originally Posted by Detroit 8V92TA View Post
Hi, New here. N. Eastern PA What type of equipment or vehicle would have a 4-53t that would be best suited for a 1 ton swap? And what is the average going rate for one in decent running condition? Also possibly a 6v53t, though if I went 6v53t , It would be in a medium duty truck. Thanks in advance for any input. PS I'd be going with an auto, Allison at545, etc
I ran a 453 for a few years and got real tired of it. It is noisy and not fuel efficient and doesn't have the bottom end torque other engines have.

It does have a very unique sound that I liked (but a little too much of it), but I would never own one again. The 6BT engine seems like a much more capable engine in a smaller vehicle. I would choose one of those any day over the Detroit.
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