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Originally Posted by Detroit 8V92TA View Post
Thanks for the heads up about Detroit drawbacks. I do like Cummins also, however the Detroit swap won't be a daily driver. More or less a unique"toy" if a 6v53t is ridiculously underpowered and fuel thirsty, well I'm not worried about poor fuel economy. Power, yes. Though if a 6v53t is wayyy underpowered for a single axle medium duty, example: International 4700, perhaps a silver 6v92ta would be adequate. With all due respect, I value your input about getting tired of the noise and low end issues, however I can't seem to see why a 6v92ta wouldn't be adequate? Do I need to step up to a 8v92ta? Thanks again.
The silver 6v92 is a very potent (and heavy) engine. I am guessing you will not be disappointed with it. With nearly 75% more displacement than the 6v53, the two engines aren't really comparable other than the number of cylinders.
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