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Don,t know if we are on the same page or not, but the eaton-fuller ultra shift is a new trany put in the big rigs. I have used the 10 speed but some outfits have the 18 speed auto shift that pulls as big of loads that a truck engine can handle. We have found the engine determines what kind of milage you get along with the rear end ratio. Ours are programmed to shift at low rpm,s. If you are on the manual side you decide when you what to up shift such as from 6 to 7th gear. But when you go down in gears the computer won,t let you shift to soon, down about 12 to 1300 rpm before it shifts from 7 to 6th gear. We have had a little trouble with them, once in a while they will upshift more then one gear. I,am sure they are tough, supposed to be efficent. Easy to drive all of our new 10 yard trucks have them..... But I myself like the manual 13 speed, our transport trucks all have manual 13 speeds 18 would be better. I almost enjoy Loading up a new broken down Mercedes Benz diesel on the CAT engine transport and hauling it down the road in 13th gear to get it fixed. To each his own!!!!!!
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