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Just bought a new Chevy 2005 2500HD LT Duramax/Allison yesteday. Had 3 miles on it when I left the dealer. I reset the DIC after driving home, about 25 miles, and checked it with the cruise control set at 60mph, it climbed to 18.5 after about 10 miles. How accurate is the DIC reading? Just curious, I intend to refill the tank and check it the old way this weekend. I test drove the Ford and Dodge and liked the Chevy best. This is a very nice truck. Also, I have noticed a lot of discussion about tire size. The dealer where I bought mine has 265/75s on his demo and said he thinks it lowers the power and fuel economy but shouldn't hurt anything or affect the warranty. I would really like to upgrade these 245s to 265s but don't want to lose much fuel economy, any opinions would be appreciated. (It doesn't seem like a 3.6% increase in diameter should have much effect)
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