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Unhappy 2014 Ram Transmission failure

A good friend of our's "Don" has a stock 2014 Ram Diesel with the Aisin Automatic.
He tows a 34' fifth wheel about 1,000 miles per year. And then a small cargo trailer for his business.
He has 74,000 miles on the truck.
He has had the trans rebuilt twice under warranty, and now his truck has been sitting at the dealer for over two weeks, yet again the transmission has gone south.
Needs a total rebuild and another torque converter.
The dealer said the parts are on back order and may take weeks to get.
They checked other dealers for the pars, but those dealers wouldn't give them up.
Sounds like there is a problem with the Aisin,
The dealer tried to get Chrysler to allow them to order a new transmission, due to the fact that no parts are available. Chrysler agreed.
They found out that there are only 3 transmissions available east of the Mississippi.
And they may be spoken for by other dealers.
His Service writer said that they have been having some problems with the Aisin.
Don is disgusted with the Ram.
We just went to our Chevy dealer and test drove a new 2017 Duramax High Country.
What a good running truck.
He is going to trade his Ram in on one when he finally gets it back.
Could be a few more weeks till they get it repaired.
Don has a power stroke and in the past always drove Duramax's.
He said the Ram didn't pull quite as well as his 2011 Chevy Dmax did and the Ram used more fuel.
Don has some friends that have Ram's and two have told him that they started noticing their trucks were shuddering and shifting different, their dealer told them that it was normal. Dealer said that the transmission just wasn't broke in yet ????
I've never heard of an automatic having to be broke in. Maybe the dealer meant it was learning the driving habits of the owner? Still shouldn't shudder?
Well one of the trucks just got broke in, because they just towed it back to the dealer, and the trans is burned up!
He said that he has learned his lesson and will stay with the Allison's.
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