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Oh yeah buddy.

My Son in laws 08 Dodge is sitting in the driveway with a dead tranny
His has the older 68RFE behind the 6.7 Cummins

We finished toasting it last fall hauling the Army truck up to the ranch after taking it to DMV for a VIN inspection.

The lockup converter clutch fried.

As we pulled into the yard the nasty smell of Burnt dog poop wafted out from under the hood and in the windows

Dodge told him the Smell was normal and the tranny just needed an oil and filter change.

I told the kid to check with a performance tranny shop close by him, and they confirmed what I told him... CONVERTER CLUTCH GONE

Non warranty repair cost of about $6000 plus
This includes a much improved multi disc clutch and many updates and performance parts inside the box.

The BUZZZZZ was that the Aisin was the real deal and was as tough as nails

Would seem that their nails may be a tad soft.

We had a 1995 Dodge 2500 4x4 with the V10 and used it to haul the 4 horse Goose neck trailer.

The V10 was a beast (Ate like one too)
The tranny lasted about 6 weeks and literally tore itself to pieces.
Warranty got us a fresh tranny and it lasted about another 6 weeks and we traded the Dodge off for a 97 PS Ford

The FORD was a bigger POS and it got offed after 25k miles.

Scrounged up a 1986 Chevy 3500 CC 4X4 3+3 Dahooooley
454 truck with a Turbo 400

Beat that thing unmercifully hauling that Goose neck trailer.

Never an issue.

The big 3 always seem to have real epic fails when it comes to the gear boxes.

Dodge trannies are pure junk.
Ford is little better
The GM boxes seem to handle the job better
The Big Ally is about the best box in a pickup.

Unless you take the tranny to an after market performance shop and have them build it to "Kill"... the autos just struggle to live under harsh (We consider normal) usage.

After our list of truck failures back in 95-96-97 I contacted Freightliner about building us a FL50 "Toy hauler" and spec'd it out with the Small Cat and a baby 13 speed road ranger and tandem axle, full air brakes.

The cost was about $65000 which at the time was more than we wanted to cough up for a rig to pull the trailer.

I should have bit the bullet and done it.

Pickups are just not built to deal with what so many folks need them for.

Sad deal.

Hope the fella is happy with his 17 GM rig
(1) 95 Suburban 2500 4x4
(1) 2017 Mercedes C class
(1) 1997 Astro "CATVAN II"
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