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Your right the trans on these new trucks run way cooler than before. On a hot day towing hard and heavy we only saw 152 degrees. And while stuck in stop and go 3 mph traffic for 20 minutes immediatley after pulling a long grade it only climbed up to the 170 degree range. Then when we started rolling hwy speeds again it dropped back to the 150 range almost immediatley. And the engine temp stays pretty constant while towing and runs cooler on hills also. On our 07 LBZ 200 degrees was a normal trans temp towing and up to 210+ while pulling a long grade in warm weather. I was getting 13.5 avereage mpg while towing last week on route 15 North from our Ranch to a Rodeo at 55 and 65 mph. We are getting about 1 or a tad more mpg towing with the LML and about 3 or 4 mpg better running empty. Very pleased with the truck. This LML was was like going from a 1/2 ton to a 3/4 or 1 ton truck for our heavy towing compaired to our LBZ DWR CC. What a difference in handling and braking and power. And I was very pleased with our LBZ, but these new bigger brakes and frame is definately safer. We should ask if we could get a New Column for the Fifth Generation LML trucks since they are so much different than LMM and previous generation trucks, engine and drive train wise. It's like the difference between a 3500 and a 4500 almost. LOL

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