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I have 21"hg at the pump. When I bypass the soleniod I get 21"hg at the wastegate(15"hg if guage is tee tapped at wastegate).I test drove with gauge tee tapped after the solenoid and I get no vacuum reading at any speed/ RPM. I replaced the soleniod with no change. I bench tested both new and old soleniod and both activate at about 8 volts.This is why I'm thinking an electrical issue.
I am still not ruling out a weak vacuum pump as its not making the familiar noise I'm acustomed to. Also the turbo does not whine as noticably when I rev the engine(maybe the turbo is seizing?It still spins.) I am acustomed to 12lbs boost under load (Kennedy chip). Now I'm lucky to get 2lbs.If I bypass the soleniod, I get about 6lbs boost. I put the factory chip back in - no change. Perhaps its time to proceed with my HX35 - I would still like to know whats wrong.
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