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Originally Posted by FamilyTimeRV View Post
Thanks for all your efforts and information. We're looking to add an affordable way to rv with 4 children. The FMC (possibly GMC) is our choice with an efficient power plant. We may follow your example.

How's your conversion working out -- no updates in the last few months.

Also, are there any 20-20 hindsights that would benefit a similar conversion?

Kevin H
still in planning & prep stages
Hi Kevin, sorry for the delay in responding. Had things happening that kept me away. I am glad to assist you in your information gathering. The first thing to understand if you are looking at any older motor home, you need to be at a minimum a mechanic to some level as there will be things that need attention/repair/upgrading and it would be cost prohibitive to have that stuff done by a regular shop in most cases. Since you are on this site, I expect that you are covered in that respect.

As to things that I would have done differently, the only one of significance is that I need a larger fan. Another person is in the process of doing the same conversion to his FMC that I did and has secured a better fan. I expect that at some point I will be getting that same fan, but in the meantime I just have drive conservatively going up grades. You can visit both my complete photo album and his (still in progress) on the FMC Owners Club website. The link is: [URL=""] . His coach number is 1027 and mine is 1046. He is up to 227 photos in his album and I have 371 in my album. There is also a discussion of both projects in the forum area in the Mechanics section. Feel free to register on that site so that you can post questions in the forum area. He is doing somethings differently than I did but no two people do something like this the same. Not better or worse, just different. He will be doing some suspension things as well as the engine change in his case.

Two major things that I like about the FMC is the low profile and the quietness with the engine in the rear. The GMC also has the low profile, but you do have the engine up front on that one with the attendant engine noise. If you want to convert one to diesel, I think it would be much more of a challenge with a GMC. I am not aware of a compatible engine/tranny for the GMC. There may be one, but I am not aware of one. When you say "efficient engine", I don't know how you define efficiency but if it is more than 8 or so mpg, diesel is the only way you will get there.

There are FMC's that have already been converted to diesel that come up for sale from time to time, but you need to ensure that the conversion process was done properly. That is particularly true of the heavier diesels like the Detroit 8.2 or the Cummins 5.9. Length with the Cummins also causes some issues that have to be addressed.

Traveling with four children raises some questions in my mind. The first is the ages of the children as that will be a factor in how much "space" each one needs. The "A" or dinette model with the optional bunk beds is set up to be able to sleep six people. As they get larger, some have had the teenage children sleep in a tent adjacent to the coach when camping for more than one night.

I haven't had any updates to my thread here as I haven't done anything additional to the coach. In Feb I did travel about 800 miles south to Buellton, CA for a coach rally and back - just had to take it easy going up six percent grades! On the way back I did get 13.6 mpg measured which is very good for a motor home. It is sweet to drive and very quiet with the rear engine and the sound proofing that I did to the firewall. I can hear that it is running, but that is about all.

I am in Oregon, in what state are you located?
Stephen H.
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