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Hello and welcome aboard! Is it a TopKick, or a Kodiak? C4500 or C5500? (If you fill out your signature with more truck details, it will help the rest of us to answer questions...)

I pilot a 2004 C4500 and yes, the unloaded ride is nothing to write home about. However, it carries the freight and braking is wonderful with some big boats and loads of steel in tow! What types of trailers and loads do you tow?

There is a fuse in the the circuit for the ECM. Pulling that fuse cripples the truck from starting. My thought would be to tap into that circuit, and cut power to the ECM, rather than fuel from the system. Easier, less likely to have downstream effects. Better yet - how about a professional alarm system, with a similar feature? I have one with a key FOB that beeps if the truck's alarm system is engaged. Nice for when you have expensive cargo outside your hotel room, and you want to sleep easy. I try to keep the truck and boats within range of the front door...(electronic range, and Smith/Wesson range)

Good luck!
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