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Ok, all front end stuff done.

New Idler / Idler arm bracket. I did install the Moog parts as I'd already bought them.

After all new inner / outer tie rods, new top bottom ball joints and a new idler /idler arm bracket there is less than 1/2 a mm of play in the whole setup, IE barely noticeable!. I think there was so much slop due to worn components that the whole thing was messy. I also did the rear diff + replaced the front shocks and will be doing the rear tomorrow as well as replace the fuel tank strap that seems to have given way and do the transmission fluid + inner and external filter as well as transfer case and front diff if I have time. (I rarely use 4wd, so presumably that's lowest priority).

At this stage i'm looking at doing the pitman arm in the fall / spring next year with cognito supports then. I'll see if they go on sale between now and then (Does that happen?).

The idler arm had definitely been replaced in the relatively recent past, the pitman doesn't have a castle nut on it. But presumably it's been done too.

Next plan is to patch up the wheel well rust (remove rust, make a bondo / glass patch) Spray down what I can reach with rust converter and then in the fall do another cycle of major preventative maintenance. IE do a proper rust control / removal job + replace the leaky power steering lines (possibly the steering gear too if that's what's leaking).

I'm hoping by next year to have what looks and works like a brand new truck
GMC Sierra 2500hd 2004.5 now with ARP studs
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