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Well the engine had to come out, anyway.

My advice would be to spend the time looking for that low mile 2003 early 2004. Don't get in a hurry, and buy a high mile LB7 engine from the lowest cost supplier, only to find out later it was a 2001 with a smokey set of injectors.
  • Know the year and VIN of the engine;
  • Know the miles and circumstances on the donor truck (no rollovers - they might have run/sat upside down and hydrolocked);
  • Know the injector history by running the VIN with GM.
4K for 112K mile engine is no bargain, if you ask me, especially if you are doing headgaskets and/or injectors this time, next year!

Be patient get on the internet and phone - call Kennedy Diesel, call the Performance engine builders nationwide someone has what you need for the right money, in this TIGHT economy!!!

I got lucky a few years back and found a new LB7 that came out of a 15 mile truck. Thats right...fifteen miles... Paid $5K for it, complete, was going to swap it into my high mile 2001 with head gasket issues, but decidede to sell the truck, as-is. Later sold that engine to another DP member for $5500 IIRC...I knew it would only be worth more and more - but the cash money was nice, too. Here is the guy I bought that engine from...

Good luck!
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