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Had the truck for almost a year now, put about 12k on it.

Overall thinking it's a great truck, but the fuel economy is less than I hoped for.

My last set of numbers put me in the 14.2mpg range with mostly city driving unloaded.

When I got the truck last year it had:
* Modified exhaust (Not sure what it is, going to find out tomorrow).
* Edge Juice with Attitude.
* p265/75's

I've removed the attitude module this evening for the first time. I had a bakflip installed this past week and I'm going to get a Kennedy tuned ECM for our trip down to Las Vegas next month. We'll be hauling a 3200lb trailer so I'll get a good idea of the mileage at that point.

My understanding of how to drive with fuel efficiency in mind basically starts and ends at takeing it easy, don't floor it to get up to speed, Keep it at the low end of the speed spectrum (IE on the highway keep it towards 55 rather than 70 if at all possible...)

When the current 265's start getting old I'll probably replace them with the stock 245's and hope to see some better fuel economy.
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