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1. My truck is a 2003 Ext. Cab. with a lot of aftermarket performance equipment, turbo,intake,4" exhaust, Industrial Injection dual fuel lines, lift pump,exhaust brake, built tranny and triple disk convertor, KENNEDY 100/250HP ECM and more.

2. Engine is LB7

3. Additional filter/water seperator is a heated racor 2 micron.

4. Still running stock injectors. I have used AmSoil Diesel Fuel additive for approx. 3 years along with AmSoil Cetane Booster.

5. I am satisfied with the Racor filter which was installed at 30K. I am now at 41K. I will change both stock and Racor filter this coming spring. Previously to installing the Racor add on filter I was changing the stock filter every 5K miles.

Since my truck has low miles I suppose that it is still too early in it's life cycle to need injectors. At the rate I drive the truck 6500 annual average I hope that any future injector failure will be was off in the future.
'03 Chev Duramax ext. cab, Kennedy ECM,After Market turbo,tranny, triple disk convertor, Exhaust Brake, electric tran. cooler, dual exhaust, Supertank 57 gallon.
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