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Originally Posted by krh View Post
well I've got the flywheel lock tool set from lisle a 400 ft lb torque wrench. looking for a good degree adapter. but that really didn't address the question of is the vibration dampner bolt a one time use torque to yield bolt. as most the specs that list a torque to spec then finish to x degrees are like the torque to yield ( stretched ) one time use bolts. so I was wondering if that is the case with the vibration dampner bolt on my 05 GMC Sierra 3500 with the Duramax . and if I need to go buy a new Vibration Dampner bolt. or harmonic balancer since every time I type dampner it gets red underlined along with Duramax .
I DO NOT recommend re-stretching a TTY bolt. Never use a TTY procedure on a used bolt. It's a step toward failure. The torque + turn is for NEW bolts. I haven't visited this in a while, but haven't replaced any original bolts. Just torqued them. No failures. At the same time, I really don't believe they are TTY bolts. 75 ft/lb then 105° isn't going to stretch a fine thread bolt that size, in any case. If it is, I'd be surprised. Just torque it and move on.
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