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Default found the info thanks to merchant-automotive

well thanks to all who replied. but I never trust even re torqueing a torque to yield bolt just like doing heads that way generally leads to failures and thanks to merchant automotive I found out what I thought was correct it is a torque to yield bolt after I ordered a new ARP Bolt ARP 129-2503 and washer ARP 200-8793 well then this alternative bolt which happens to be a stock replace shows in the window alone side of the ARP bolt, and when I clicked it. it stated it was a torque to yield bolt a one time useless bolt once broken free. it will become a nice useless paper weight. its real nice that the OEMs like to charge way more fore one time use bolts so any work you do you have to pay more for the replacements like the head bolt and others. they should just switch to studs all over.
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