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Not sure about the connector itself- I looked under the truck and found what I believe to be a pyrometer on the DPF (probably EGT sensor#4), a pressure outlet (which goes to a pressure switch, together with another- presumably pre-DPF) and another sensor that is only a 2 wire device. I thought the NOx sensor was a 4 wire device, so I'm not sure where it is. Between the #2 CAT and the SCR/DPF?

The shop is telling me the #2 NOx sensor is bad, so I'm sure it'll be replaced- but it hasn't been yet. We now wait on a lousy pigtail harness which is "on back order"! A bigger concern is being limited in speed (to 65) within the next 80 miles. Will I be further limited after that?

I've bitched to GM and they've opened a case on this- for whatever good it's going to do.
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