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So, it appears that the NOx sensor connector isn't the problem. It's a connector on the EGR valve from what I'm now being told- the shell/plated blades are described as "brittle" and the tech apparently felt that attempting to get this apart to clean up the contacts would result in the failure of the connector. GM states a new batch of connectors will be shipped to the distribution center by the end of the month- with a slow boat delivery to the dealerships afterwards. I'm estimating middle of May (2-3 weeks out) before my truck is repaired.

Meanwhile, I've been cautioned that I have ~80 miles left before being limited to 65 mph. After some additional miles, I'm limited to 35 mph and then 15 mph (all dependent on the soot level as the truck won't regen without the sensors intact). Emissions warranty expired at 50K miles, so I'm on the hook for rental car expenses. Looks like I'll be a home bound hermit for the next few weeks. The justification for parts deletes is becoming stronger, being that I've assumed the role of a Guinea Pig on a new engine platform....
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