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Default Mileage update

In the above post I mentioned that I was going to a rally in Carthage, MO from my home in Oregon. Well, I went to that rally and then continued on to the East coast including SC and Virginia, on up into Canada through Detroit, then back via MN and South Dakota. In all, from my door back to my door was 8,424.6 miles! It was a great trip and it gave me a chance to drive the coach extensively under different conditions and see how it performed.

It met all of my expectations and much more. At my Canada stop, we tweaked the adjustment of the front end elements and got the last of the play out of the system. It now tracks like it is on rails.

Up until the Canadian stop, I ran the Banks tuner on Normal or the stock tune. At that point I changed it to the Economy tune just to see what, if any, difference it would make. Up until that point, I had 11,289 miles on the conversion with an average of 14.02 mpg. From that point home via the northern route with a couple of diversions along the way, the coach averaged 15.08 mpg over that 2,907 miles.

Yes, I am very surprised and pleased to be getting mileage like that in a 15,000 lb. motor home. I will continue to monitor fuel mileage for the next year or so just for the record.

I thank the group for its support of this project,
Stephen H.
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