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Next to go was the air box and turbo inlet tube, another easy step:

took a couple pics of the Bosch EDU wiring harness to get me through the reassembly, then turned my wrenches to the charged air cooler outlet ductwork from the intake manifold tube:

Note that one can simply unclip the zip tie that holds the wiring harness cover to the inlet pipe. I cut mine before I noticed. Oops. No biggie, they're making new zip ties every day. Loosen and remove the wiring harness from that piece of ductwork.
Then I removed the wiring harness from the Bosch EDU on the right side of the engine.

from a couple of places.

I also pulled the wiring harness from the base of the intake manifold ductwork:

Now I was able to remove that intake manifold tube by removing 2 bolts and 4 nuts. The gaskets (2 rectangular and 1 round) came out easily and will be cleaned up for reuse.
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