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Default Continuing the Saga


Just returned to Illinois from Quartzsite towing the fiver. I have122k miles on an '09 LMM. No problems going down in January, but several 0087 episodes on return last week. Absolutely stock truck with auxiliary filtration and regular Power Service throughout its life. Regular filter changes. Regular Chevy dealer service at the same competent location. No lift pump (duly noted, John).

Obviously, working through this thread gives possible short and long term answers. But my solution for getting home the last 1,000 miles -- starting in western Oklahoma -- was to keep post turbo EGT's in the 1,000 degree range, and never more than 1,100. I used that as a proxy for the temps the injectors and incoming fuel were experiencing. I did this by doing a lot of manual gear selection on hills. I recall only one post in this entire thread that mentions that approach. Hmmm.

I will figure out my future with this truck somehow. But when other brands of diesels are notable for much longer injector life, it makes me wonder what GM has stuck us lifelong, committed customers with.

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