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Default LB7 idle and cold start issues

Ok guys, this one will burn up some brain cells. My 02 injection pump failed at 371,000 miles. Wrapped up the new install and now I have a long crank/no-start issue on our last cold day(40 degrees)here in FL. I have no problem with warmer weather starts.(other that issue #2) I have checked everything connected to the glow plug system. Ohms test on each glow plug was stellar @ 3ohms each. Controller, both intake heater and glow plug relays, are functioning normally. The fuel heater hasn't been tested but it is a brand new complete filter head unit so I am 99% confident its ok. (There's always a chance of a lemon)

That's issue #1

#2....I also have a idle issue with it pulsating until it reaches 170 degrees. As soon as she reaches full temp the pulsating goes away.

There are no codes, no smoke present. So give it your best shot! I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance!!
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