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MP, that's some interesting info.

Drove the truck for work today and was 95% happy with how it went up and over the pass and around Jackson Hole. That other 5% is alarmed by what my butt dyno is telling me about the stumble still being there. I'll be talking to the local mechanic that does those things I can't do on the truck (not much, typically only the things that mean heavy lifting) to get it in to have a closer look at the wiring and put it on a proper scanner.

In the meantime, I've left it in JH at the Chevy dealer while I try on a new Silverado 1500
'85 Mercedes Benz 300D, for when I want to be stately.
'05 Mercedes E320 CDI, for when I want to be even statelier.
'05 Chevy K2500 ext cab long box DMax: Everything my '03 was and so much more!

There's no point being a pessimist - it wouldn't work anyway.
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