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I'd like to start by thanking Jim for starting this group of forums for us vendors.

A little bit about Kennedy Diesel:

We are a small shop located in Central WI. There are 3 of us here full time. I (John) do all the phone tech and some limited service as time allows. Elaine does the order processing and accounting. Carol packs the orders and does general building maintenance. We do take injector, head gasket, transmission projects etc on a case by case basis. For these projects I bring in Jeremy who is also a Dmax owner and I've known for probably 13yrs now.

My support of the GM 6.2/6.5 diesel began in about 1998 when I bought a used 1996 Sierra 2500 with the 6.5 TD. Elaine and I along with my Daughter Jamie attended the second? Rendezvous (remember those) back in 2000 when it was just a dozen or so 6.2/6.5 guys hanging out at the Bigley residence. I don't think we missed an event until I believe it was 2007. This was the year that my Dad got sick plus it was getting to be just too much to travel. I remember the 2006 event we left Loyal WI, competed in the Pull Off, and were back home in less than 72hrs. Considering it's over 24hrs travel 1 way...

Over the years I have owned quite a number of GM diesel trucks. I find it hard to let go. From my '82 6.2, to my '96 6.5, then my first ever new vehicle my 2002 LB7 Dmax is still with me. My 2005 LLY was a workhorse for several years along with my 2007 LBZ as a runabout/fishing truck. The 2005 found a new home when friends of the family inquired about it and Elaine said give them a price. Who was I to turn down "permission" to buy a new truck? The price I offered was accepted without haggle and my 2012 GMC was ordered.

I have always felt that in order to truly know the vehicles that you are supporting takes years of ownership and experience. My days of owning the 6.2/6.5 are over, but I logged many years and miles working them. I now have Dmax only, but continue to support the early trucks as well.

I've done the competition thing and pushed the limits. I have my 1000+RWHP in my 2002 if I feel the need, but these days I prefer a simpler approach. Just a good Kennedy Custom ECM tune and maybe some longevity mods like lift pumps and secondary filtration. So nice to just get in and drive a clean running, quiet truck. I think it's a combination of factors that influenced my shift. The first being the loss of Dad before he ever even got a chance to retire. Being a Grandpa (x2) also shifts focus as well as getting older overall. Don't get me wrong I still know how to make these things motivate, I'm just not into tearing up my own stuff any more.

So if you are looking for a no nonsense, blunt and to the point advice I'm your guy. Just don't ask me to sugar coat it...
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