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That's a tough question. I know of only a couple with half that many miles. I traded ours in November 2016 with 55K on it. At 200K, it would be on its 2nd (replaced) timing belt, and probably other normal stuff for the miles (water pump, etc.). This should be verified, especially the timing belt. The DPF and DEF systems would also be about due for an overhaul (not that big of a deal, really). I wouldn't hesitate to have a real close look at one, if I needed it.

That said, If you need a parts-chaser, and it's mostly city driving, there are much better options. The Cruze Diesel gets awesome highway fuel mileage (50+ with ours), but is barely average in town. If your chasing is mostly, or almost all city driving, I would highly recommend a hybrid, or plug-in vehicle. A 2012-2013 Volt would be in the price neighborhood of a 2014+ Cruze Diesel. They have a 35 mile range on battery charge alone (city), and will beat the mileage of the Cruze Diesel on gas, in town. The Gen 1 Volts don't compare with the highway fuel mileage of the Diesel, but much of that depends on how far it has to go (battery charge + gas). If you work out of a shop, it can be continuously charged as needed, when it isn't being driven. That would redefine "economy", and would almost literally pay for itself in a couple years, compared to just about anything else. The Gen 2 Volts (2016+) are even more economical with a significantly greater battery range, but they are pricey.
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