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What is it you want to know? A "tutorial", I think, isn't really relevant, as there are too many variables involved, unique to each owner and condition. I don't have one, and only know of a few. From what I gathered, it isn't really anything worth much discussion, and comments are essentially, "it really works". The systems are simple. They don't necessarily "interact", but compliment each other. The features are independent, and the only "interaction" is the PCM control that prevents them from conflicting. Grade braking is transmission control, much like it has been since the 2001 M/Y, and the exhaust brake is only a means of increasing resistance during compression braking. It's only that simple, and it works as advertised. Anecdotally, as related to me, 24K is easily held @ 35-40 MPH for several miles of a 6+% grade (N/B I-5 Grapevine) with occasional, minimal service braking. Basically, unremarkable.
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