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I took my 01 Chevy in to the dealer today to deal with a couple of minor issues - the first one was the switch in the steering column was shot - whenever I tilted the steering wheel the lights would flicker - parts were in stock so I assume it has happened before. Number two was the drain valve on the bottom of the rad had starting leaking coolant on the garage floor at night - dealer replaced the whole valve as the o-ring on the old one was shot out. The SES light had been on for a day or two as well so I told them to check that out as well - when the mechanic phones he says "Oh ya, we had to order you a new injection pump too - that's what your SES light was all about" First question I have is is it covered by warranty - dealer assures me that it is - the truck has 115,000 km on it (70,000 miles) For some reason the fuel pressure was extremely irregular - to the tune of about 5000 lbs pressure at times - hopefully this solves my annoying idle flare as well as the cackle it seemed to develop since the SES light came on - anyone else had this problem????

P.S. I know my PictureTrail account has expired - are there any other free sites out there guys are using to post pics???

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