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Default GMC Sierra Classic, 2500HD

Originally Posted by Freightliner3 View Post
Do you know how much tongue weight you have.My son had the same problem.It turned out that his new Featherlight goose neck trailer put too much weight on the truck.In turn the drive shaft angle was out of specs. The trailer weight was 15000 empty.About 35% of that was on the the truck.He has a 2005 HD3500. GM did shim the drive shaft and put in heaver springs even though the trailer tongue weight was the real problem.He's had no issues since.
The pin weight on my 5th wheel is right at 2500 lbs--truck is rated for 3000 lbs. The dealership tried a set of pinion angle shims, and it made the virbation worse. Then they tried two sets os shims, and a new drve shaft. They also checked the drive shaft angle with the 5th wheel in tow, and everything was within the specs. The GVWR for the truck and 5th wheel is 17,790 lbs (truck is rated at 22,000 lbs). My truck has two drive shafts, and I am convinced that is where the problem lies. The young mechanic was about to install some 3500HD springs when the door was slammed in my face by someone within the dealership or GM. All of a sudden it has become a characteristic of the truck--or so I'm told.... Does anyone know where I can find Campaign PIT3009J?
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